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    浙江晶泰玻璃科技有限公司Zhejiang Jingtai Glass Technology Co., Ltd

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    The most transparent self-cleaning glass appeared on the market


    The continuous development of architecture and the unlimited imagination of designers to put glass manufacturers new challenges.Glass facades and roofs are also increasingly used in residential buildings.In order to meet all expectations and provide maximum user comfort,the company Saint-Gobain,a leading manufacturer of float glass and building materials,has introduced a new product-the most transparent on the market self-cleaning glass SGG BIOCLEAN .

    Product SGG BIOCLEAN is a new generation of glass,an improved form of self-cleaning glass SGG BIOCLEAN.Improved version opens up new possibilities for users.Self-cleaning glazing may be made of not only glass,but also extra white or dyed.Damage to the glass a thin layer of metal oxide provides the perfect combination of transparency and self-cleaning.Thanks to this new Saint-Gobain is the product of a transparent self-cleaning glass available on the market today.

    Product SGG BIOCLEAN was created to address the old,but until recently not reachable problems-to maintain long-term clean glass surface.A transparent coating on the outside,using ultraviolet radiation of sunlight and rain to remove dust and dirt from the outer surface of the glass.Modern coating for easy cleaning of the glass and allows you to keep it clean.Properties of SGG BIOCLEAN make it the ideal solution for residential and commercial buildings,both new facilities and upgrading.


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