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    浙江晶泰玻璃科技有限公司Zhejiang Jingtai Glass Technology Co., Ltd

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    Adding Modern Style to Your Office with Bent Glass


    What your office looks like–both on the inside and outside–says a lot about the rest of your company.Windows that are old,broken or dirty can automatically steer away potential clients and employees from walking inside or applying for a job.

    On the other hand,windows that are well-maintained,as well as furniture that is modern and up-to-date,can attract the clientele you’re looking to reach and employees you’d like to hire.

    If your office needs a complete makeover,start by adding new windows or modern glass features!Believe it or not,windows can make a lasting first impression.And if they make a good impression from the outside,that just entices people to see what’s on the inside!

    Let your clients and employees see their way into a successful future-figuratively speaking.Let Bent Glass Design bring your office into the 21st century.

    What Can You Transform Your Office With?

    Add a new board room table made of curved glass to impress clients or employees visiting from out of town.

    Install new bent insulated windows for a modern touch from one end of your office to the other.

    Do you need peace and quiet when you work?Install acoustical glass panels throughout your office.This way you can still see what your employees and coworkers are doing,you just won’t hear all the chatter going on,music being played,or the clacking sound of those who type unnecessarily loud.

    You’ll be impressed with how much of a difference updating subtle features of your office such as the furniture,walls and windows can make for your working environment.To get started,view Bent Glass Design’s online gallery for some idea,and then give us a call at 215-441-9101.

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