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    浙江晶泰玻璃科技有限公司Zhejiang Jingtai Glass Technology Co., Ltd

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    Insulated Glass


    Insulating glass consists of two or more layers of flat glass. The two or more pieces of glass and the sealing strip, the glass strip are sealed and sealed with the high strength and high air tightness compound adhesive. The middle is filled with dry gas, and the box is filled with desiccant to ensure the drying degree of the air between the glass sheets. Can choose according to the different performance of glass glass, float glass such as colorless transparent glass, figured glass, absorption heat reflective glass, wired glass, toughened glass and frame (article aluminum frame or glass, etc.), made by cementing, welding or welding.

    Its structure is shown in the double-layer hollow glass section. Hollow glass can be used 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12mm thick film of the original sheet glass, air layer thickness can use 6, 9, 12mm interval.

    The heat conductivity of the glass is 27 times that of the air. As long as the insulating glass is sealed, the insulating glass is the best insulating effect.

    Between the glass of hollow glass and glass, leave a certain space. The frame is filled with desiccant to ensure the drying of the air between the glass sheets. The space between the two layers of insulating glass is usually 8mm.

    High-performance hollow glass is different from ordinary insulating glass, except in the middle of the two layers of glass sealed in dry air, and air layer between the outer glass side, special metal film coated with a layer of thermal performance is good. It can cut the amount of energy from the sun to the interior, providing a greater heat insulation effect.

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