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    浙江晶泰玻璃科技有限公司Zhejiang Jingtai Glass Technology Co., Ltd

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    Composite insulation fireproof glass


    Monolithic cesium potassium flameproof glass

    Monolithic cesium potassium flameproof glass is a kind of fire prevention function of the building external wall of curtain wall and door window glass. It is the use of special process, the float glass chemical and physical, and other comprehensive enhancement method and system, it in the1000flame can maintain 80-120 minutes without cracking, effectively prevent the spread of flame and smoke, be helpful for the first time found that fire, give people enough time to get out and away from the scene, and and relief work.

    Monolithic cesium potassium flameproof glass characteristics:

    1, fire prevention performance of excellence, in its have the refractory time period can maintain integrity and not broken, can stop the spread of fire and smoke spread,.

    2, high strength: intensity is the same thickness float glass 6 ~ 12 times, is toughened glass 1.5 ~ 3 times.

    3, but processing: can be processed into hollow fire, nip glue fire prevention, coating fireproof glass, etc.

    4, safety: refractory time period maintain integrity, more than refractory time limit, glass softening occur, the external force impact crushing, particle minimum is not easy to hurt.

    5, anti-aging, heat resistance, cold resistance, resistance to moisture resistance, light, etc.

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    4, wide range, museums, jewelry store, the financial departments, judicial departments, senior hotel suite, private clubs, and other use. 

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