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    浙江晶泰玻璃科技有限公司Zhejiang Jingtai Glass Technology Co., Ltd

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    Anti-break glass


     Composite anti-break glass is to point to in a glass of pervious to light, transparent like performance at the same time feeling, in the regulation tools under attack, not produce penetrating the mouth of the cave transparent glass products. It is by the second above glass and transparent material compound and into, according to the resistance to hit ability from low to high divided into A, B, C, D level 4, prevent hit composite glass surface layer of level off, smooth, uniform, four edge edge grinding and chamfering.

    Our company produces the FZB - B17- JT type anti hit composite glass through the national ministry of public security testing, the quality of the products can conform to the GA844-2009 standard requirement, already obtained zhejiang provincial public security safety production registration instrument of ratification.

     Composite anti-break glass characteristics:

    1, safety: the hit composite glass not only have the ability to prevent it. Also has impact resistance performance, and the glass is broken when damage, forming a mesh SuiXiao grain, is not easy to hurt.

    2, resistant to radiation sex: can block ultraviolet into, protect the indoor items not easy fade and aging.

    3, sound insulation resistance: block sound waves, sound insulation effect obviously.

    4, transmissivity good: according to the thickness of the glass, transmissivity between 75% ~ 65%.

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