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    浙江晶泰玻璃科技有限公司Zhejiang Jingtai Glass Technology Co., Ltd

    PROFILE 公司簡介

    Leading technology, quality-oriented, continuous innovation, satisfactory service

    Covering an area of 60.16 mu and with over 70,000 square meters for constructions, Zhejiang JingTai Glass Technology Co., Ltd is located in # 56, Donggang 2nd Road, Quzhou Development Zone, Zhejiang Province. We are specialized in producing safety, green and energy-saving special glass for architecture. Now we have automatic horizontal rolling tempered line, automatic hollow line which covers various processing technique like tempering, insulating, laminating, silk-screen printing and etc.

    Our main products: Tempered glass, vacuum hollow glass, laminatedglass, bulletproof glass, fire-rated glass, heated bending tempered glass,Anti Smashing Glass,Nano Energy-saving Glass, silk-screen glass and etc.Our business theory: Credibility, Pragmatic, Efficient, and Innovation;Quality principle: Technology Priority, Quality Rooted, Keep Developing, and Good Service Gathered the strength of talents, equipments, technology, quality and service, we will reward our customers with our top products and best service, and also realize the best value to the society.

    Core Values: A small success won by intelligence, A great victory gained by virtue.

    Mission: Creating fortune for society, Satisfying needs of clients, Fostering growth of employers, Sharing profits with people.

    Vision: To build a domestically advanced production base for special glass by unceasing innovations.

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